Hockey "Myths" Debunked

  • Ice Hockey isn’t for Girls! In 2014-2015 USA Hockey had more than 50,000 registered female skaters playing ice hockey. * Female and Adult Hockey are the 2 fastest growing ice hockey groups.
  • You have to practice at 6:00 AM or in the wee hours of the morning. The only teams practicing early in the morning are a very select number of high schools. Youth practices are scheduled weekday evenings.
  • Our skater will get a concussion! Concussions account for about 25% of the *total injuries for females in ice hockey. See comparison to other sports below. “Reported Injuries”

 FEMALE SPORTS: *Concussion Rate % of Injuries per Sport* “Reported”

  • Soccer 33%
  • Lacrosse 31%
  • Hockey 25%
  • Basketball 21%
  • Softball 16.3%
  • Field Hockey 22%
  • Cheerleading 11.5%
  • Volleyball 8.6%
  • Gymnastics 7%
  • Ice Hockey Is Extremely Expensive! Ice hockey is a relatively expensive sport; however, it ranks below a lot of other sports on a competitive level. Compare it to competitive Swim, Soccer, and Gymnastics. Brewer Youth Hockey offers rental gear for young players starting out, and has a financial assistance program.
  • Where do I go from here? Contact BREWER YOUTH HOCKEY. There are ice hockey opportunities for females in:
  • Learn To Skate & Play Ice Hockey
  • Girls Inferno Hockey Org.
  • Co-Ed Middle School Teams
  • Travel Teams
  • Co-Ed Youth Teams
  • CO-OP High School
  • High School
  • Adult Learn to Skate & Play and adult Co-Ed Leagues.

Contact George @ with any questions!

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