Small Group Rates


1 Skater – $95.00/hour

2 Skaters – $105.00/hour

3 Skaters – $115.00/hour

4 Skaters – $125.00/hour

Groups with 5 or more skaters are subject to our standard hourly ice rates.  

All ice is scheduled to follow or precede already scheduled events for these rates.

Small Group Rates

We offer special low discounted rates for Coachers/Instructors (only) who wish to work with a limited number of skaters.  These rates are available during non-prime-time hours.  The rates below are for number of skaters only.  Coach or Instructor is not counted as a skater.  Only 1 coach allowed on the ice per session.

For all private ice rentals with skaters under the age of 18, that include the use of stick & puck on the ice, ALL skaters MUST have a helmet and cage on! No Exceptions. Insurance regulations…

** This does not apply to skaters 18 & over with a signed waiver

Penobscot Ice Arena

90 Acme Rd
Brewer Maine 04412